“Bait dog” are an unsettling reality in the world of dog fighting illegally”Bait dog” is a term used to refer to dogs that are used as live bait for training combat dogs. This is an extremely painful topic, but it is essential to debate in order to bring awareness and fight this abominable practice. Let’s explore more deeply the definition of a bait dog and the pain they suffer and ways to change the situation.

What Is A Bait Dog?

Bait dogs are an animal breed that dogfighters use to prepare their dogs to fight without letting their dog be injured during the exercise. The dogfighters utilize this bait dog only after they have made sure that they won’t cause harm to the game dog. ensure they shut the mouth of their bait dog applying duct tape or dislocating their jaws so that the dog that is baited won’t be able to defend itself.

According to reports, dogfighters also make use of these bait dogs following the tying of them to a pole to ensure that the bait dog will not be able move, and also to make games dogs be competitive, they typically make use of at least two dog in order to increase their aggression towards their one opponent.

After being subjected to this brutal treatment, the majority of bait dogs be killed, which they die after suffering this level of suffering and trauma. If they do anyone survives, the dog who goes through the trauma is harmed for the rest of their lives, physically and emotionally.

What Type of Dog Is Used as Bait Dogs?

A dog that is next could end up being yours, since the dogfighters could transport your pet even if your pet is playing in your garden or even while your pet is playing at the park.

Regarding how dogs are trained there aren’t set rules. They prefer Pitbulls that are typically weak or in no position to win in a fight, however they’re using any kind of dog they can get hands-on with. According to reports after scavenging these combat pits, they have saved the majority of breeds of dogs. This includes Golden Retrievers, German shepherds, Chows as well as a variety of other breeds.

When selecting those bait dog breeds, the primary goal to ensure their game dog training the most they can so they’re prepared to be able to win a fight in a pit should the need arises.

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Can Bait Dogs Be Rehabilitated?

Yes, they are in the process of rehabilitating at various residences. It is therefore possible to get them back and make them the perfect pet for you as well as your loved ones. It is evident that the dog will require some time to heal from all the traumas and nightmares. However, as time passes, you’ll realize it is a great friend that you’ll never get.

The phrase “bait dog” often brings to mind the poignant tale of Oogy who, after a tragic past turned into a beacon of hope. Oogy was severely damaged and abandoned at a fight pit was destined to meet an untimely end. Amazingly, he was rescued and brought to a vet office after which a family was able to find him. The family saw past the scars and wounds of Oogy taking him in and offering all the love, attention and healing touch needed for his recovery. Oogy’s story of his journey from near of death, to a life full of joy is a reminder of the strength the dogs of this breed can show.

The tale of oogy’s life is energizing. It also inspired some of us adopt these dogs that were once bait dogs into their lives and homes.

The Physical and Psychological Trauma of Bait Dogs

Bait dogs suffer an incredibly sometimes irreparable combination of psychological and physical trauma. Physically, they are often left with various bruises, cuts, and occasionally, shockingly some body parts are missing. These injuries result of the brutal combats they’re forced to engage in. To add to their physical discomfort Many suffer from undernutrition since they’re usually submerged to preserve their submission, thus reducing their capacity to fight with the trained dogs..

But the psychological trauma caused by a dog caught in a trap is often more serious. Being forced to live in an unending state of anxiety and fear the dogs are in an extremely stressful environment, not being aware of when the next violent attack could be coming. The repercussions of constant psychological trauma may manifest as intense fear, aggression or any other serious behavioral issues. Some dogs will retreat to avoid attention and become unresponsive as a way to deal with the inconceivable stress they’re exposed to.

The recovery path for a dog that has been rescued is lengthy and difficult which requires intensive treatment and intervention in the behavioral field. The people who are able to help these animals should be prepared to offer the most amount of love, patience and understanding to aid them along their journey to healing.

Rehabilitation and Adoption of Rescued Bait Dogs

The path to recovery for bait dogs can be an arduous process however, it is not difficult. It starts with urgent medical treatment to treat physical injuries and illnesses and that could mean operations, wound treatment nutrition supplements, vaccinations, among others. It’s not unusual for a Bait dog that has been rescued to require weeks or months of medical attention before being physically fit.

It is equally important to consider mental rehabilitation. The process can be more complicated and lengthy than physical rehabilitation. Dogs have suffered an inconceivable amount of psychological trauma that could manifest as a variety of behavior, ranging that range from extreme fear and anxiety to aggressive behavior.

Engaging a experienced animal behavior specialist or trainer with experience in trauma could aid in helping these dogs overcome their fear. Methods like the use of positive reinforcement, gradually desensitizing and counter-conditioning can assist dogs who are baited to trust people as well as other animals.

When they’re physically fit and show indicators of mental health improvement the dogs are looked at for adoption. It is essential that prospective adopters are aware of the distinct challenges and benefits when adopting a rescued bait dog. They may require ongoing training and socialization, and certainly require lots of love and patience.

Adopting a bait dog can be an extremely significant decision, but it can also be a source of immense happiness and joy. There’s nothing like helping a wounded animal recover and transform into a happy, confident and loving pet. Despite their dark pasts they possess an amazing capacity for compassion and resiliency and make great companions in the right environment.


We’ve discussed the characteristics of the bait dog and the type of nightmares they endure during their lives in the article. Dogfighters are always looking of more dogs to capture, which is why it is essential to be vigilant to ensure your dog doesn’t get caught in their traps.

As we’ve also told you, we’d like to tell you the inspirational tale of Oogy and the ways you can assist these former bait dogs make their lives better and let them forget about the traumatic experience they endured.

We would like to get in touch with you if you are looking to adopt or welcome a dog that is a bait into your home. Please comment in the comments section below. What other ways are you willing to assist them in gaining what they’re missing.


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