Tea is among the drinks that we drink daily However, is it possible for a dog to get sick after drinking tea bags? Due to this consumption habit, dogs may also be interested in the teabags that are placed around. Teabags contain caffeine which can have the same effects on dogs just as it does for humans. Caffeine however, in contrast can alter your pet’s life.

Caffeine is mostly found in tea, coffee, energy drinks coffee grounds, tea bags soda, diet pills. Caffeine can have the same effect on dogs to theobromine (a chemical found within chocolate).

Are Tea Bags Bad For My Dog?

Canines are more prone to exposure to caffeine in comparison to humans. Tea shouldn’t be element of the dogs diet because it can cause inexplicably negative effects on the health of dogs. A single cup of tea may not cause any discomfort or unpleasant experience for dog. But, even a small amount of tea may be fatal to the dogs.

Teabags can be dangerous for dogs because of their high concentration of caffeine that could cause poisoning by caffeine in dogs. The teabag itself is detrimental to dogs because it could stop the digestion process.

Is It Possible For A Dog To Get Sick From Eating A Tea Bag?

Tea does not always need to be hazardous for dogs. However, it affects canines and in the right instance, may cause problems with health and possibly death. Tea bags may cause the following adverse impacts on dogs

  • Restlessness
  • Nervousness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Temperatures rise
  • Heartbeat enhancement
  • Improve blood pressure
  • Shaking and panting
  • Seizures and collapse

When tea starts to negative effects on dogs There are signs that are likely to appear within a couple of hours after the tea has been consumed. Certain symptoms are difficult to identify. For instance, it can be difficult to recognize the dog suffering from hypertension due to the fact that it requires knowledge.

Dog To Get Sick From Eating A Tea Bag

Different Types of Tea Bags

There are various kinds of tea bags available in our homes. The type of tea used may cause a slight or a significant change to the dog. Below is a listing of various tea types that are typically found in households and might not cause any harm to the dog.

Lipton Tea Bag

Lipton tea does not originate directly from leaves of tea. This means that it isn’t the same amount of caffeine as others.However this does not mean there is none caffeine whatsoever. It contains 555 mg caffeine found in Lipton tea, as per The Caffeine Informer.

The dog could experience serious symptoms following the consumption of Lipton tea. But, Lipton tea doesn’t have more serious issues than other tea item.

Herbal Tea Bag

The tea of this kind is caffeine-free and does not contain any in it, therefore there’s no reason to be worried if your dog consumes a tea bag. Herbal tea is derived from dried flowers, seeds leaves and the roots of plants, which don’t contain caffeine. However the tea bag may still impede the digestion of dogs Be cautious when placing it within the reach of dogs.

Decaf Tea

This tea has lower levels of caffeine than normal tea. So, it won’t cause any severe toxicity to caffeine in dogs that consume just a small amount.

Chamomile Tea Bag

Chamomile tea is a different kind of tea that is that is made of flowers. Therefore, the caffeine content is not present in chamomile tea although it is important to be concerned about the teabag.

Pepermint Tea Bag

Peppermint tea is a herbal tea that does not contain any concentration of caffeine. It is also important to keep an eye on the dog for any indications of ingestion from the tea bag.

Green Tea Bag

Green tea has a greater quantity of caffeine than the other types however it has less caffeine contrasted the black variety. It may have negative impacts on your dog’s health and you should consult your veterinarian to get a diagnosis and treatment.

Are Tea Bags Safe For Dogs?

Tea bags have no risk for large dogs. If an pet that is small consumes the entire tea bag it could cause death.

A dog that is small and has an incredibly slim frame cannot absorb the amount of caffeine required and display serious symptoms and signs. However when a dog of a larger size consumes a tea bag vomiting can resolve the problem without a lot of difficulty. But, experts’ opinions are important.

The quantity in tea bags could kill a dog as well as the teabag can cause blockage in the intestines and can cause serious health issues. Therefore, it’s best to seek out a vet as soon as you can regardless of what kind of teabags are consumed by a dog.

What To Do If A Dog Ate A Tea Bag?

It is important to think about drinking tea bags consumed by your dog as a major issue. There are some tips owners can follow when the dog has consumed tea bags.

Prevention Fropm Eating More Tea Bags

The final thing the dog’s owner can do is prevent the dog from eating any more tea bags. Therefore, take any leftovers out of the space. The majority of dogs find these items from the dining areas, or in trash bins. In most cases, they find these items from dishes left inside the kitchen sink.

Understand The Happening

In these situations it is crucial to be calm and know the events. Because tea bags are deadly and can cause death, it is important to get as much info as you can. This will help when visiting the vet who can give a swift and precise diagnosis.

The owner must write the following questions:

  • How many tea bags that a dog eats?
  • What happened to it?
  • Are there any other items you can drink along with tea bags?

This information will aid the pet owner know how serious the situation could be. It will also aid the vet to make an accurate diagnosis and begin treatment as soon as it is feasible.

Contact The Vet

A quick call to the vet will assist you to manage the situation and you’ll get expert advice. The vet will advise you through some tests or procedures when possible at home to minimize the impact from tea bags.

Final Word

It’s evident from the discussion that tea bags can be harmful for dogs. Apart from caffeine poisoning, tea bags may cause intestinal obstructions

It is certain that the amount of caffeine inside tea bags, compared to other items like coffee, however nevertheless, it could cause issues when dogs ingestions it.

The best way to stop this problem from occurring is to stop it from occurring. The place where tea bags are placed should be placed in a location that dogs are not able to reach them.


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