What makes a dog decide which dog to share its bed with? It might seem like a simple issue however the answer is still a mystery to a lot of pet owners. It is actually an intricate issue that can reveal a lot about your dog, you and the bond you share between you two.

Today, we’re going to describe how an animal decides on his own and the reason he would like to share a bed as you. We will also explain if it can be something that you ought to be allowing.

How Does A Dog Choose Who To Sleep With?

Let’s consider a scenario where there are several family members. Each has a bed. What makes a dog decide which dog to share his bed with? It’s a simple question and complex in the same moment. It’s simply because the dog will always be able to sleep with the alpha or, better yet the dog will prefer for his bed to belong with him.

There Are Few Reasons Why He Wants To Do This

Who is the Alpha of the household? This is the most complicated aspect in the narrative. The alpha is the most powerful dog within the pack. Since you’re all part of his group The most powerful member of the family is the alpha. It could be the dog’s owner or one who feeds him, takes him for walks, or someone who has rescued him.

In essence An alpha is the strongest member of the family. Dogs are able to sense this and are able to be submissive.

An animal that is not an alpha dog in the pack is a unhappy dog. It’s in their genes to be an alpha or be an alpha. If your boss screams at you when he’s angry it is a sign that you’re not the alpha and that he does not respect you! This isn’t a good thing and something you need to work on.

A dog who doesn’t feel at home within the group will be sad throughout the day and will search for a way to get one. This is common for dogs suffering with depression or separation anxiety. In general, they require or should have an alpha and you should be that person.

6 Reaons Why Your Dog Wants To Sleep In The Same Bed As You

There are many reasons your dog would prefer to be in the same bed with you. They are generally straightforward and typical reasons. from the myriad of reasons we could identify the ones that are most prevalent and affect the majority of dogs.

1. They Are Social Animals

In nature, dogs sleep in groups. This is done to safeguard from one another and is extremely efficient. Also, the dogs of all breeds are social animals that is why they would like to be closest to their companion every day even in the late at night.

This implies that they’ll sleep together on the same mattress for a period of time. This is among the reasons they’re the ideal pet for a lot of people.

2. They Are Cold

If your dog is feeling cold and he is looking for an opportunity to warm. The bed is more comfortable than the ground, and you’re also warm. Therefore, he’ll climb in the bed and rest alongside you, rather than lying on the floor. This is the reason that dogs are more likely to sleep in the winter months, and is common for smaller dogs.

3. He Doesn’t Like His Own Bed

It could be that your dog doesn’t like the bed because it’s uncomfortable, small or has a sour smell. Whatever the reason the main thing is that you must ensure that your pet is happy in the bed and is willing to rest there. You can replace it with an alternative that is more suitable.

4. He Wants To Keep You Safe

As we’ve already mentioned the dogs are nocturnal and sleep in groups. They defend each other. This is why he stays with you at night. He is trying to ensure your safety. There’s no reason to say that we’re at risk when we are asleep.

5. He Feels Secure

When your dog is within the bed with you, it’s usually because the dog feels safe. Since you’re the leader and you are able to protect yourself from everything. This is a common reason for dogs who have suffered trauma or who feel anxious every day.

6. Your Dog Loves You

It may also mean your dog is a lover and is eager to show that throughout the day. He shows it in the daytime however he will also show you that he loves you when you’re sleeping.

Should You Allow Him To Sleep With You?

The first thing to note is that many of us like to sleep on the bed with our pet. It’s relaxing, lovely and is unlike anything other. The bed is however an elevated space that is best reserved to Alpha only. Also it is best to sleep in peace, all on your own. Your dog should be sleeping upon the ground.

This is a situation that is far from the norm. A majority of dog owners would don’t do this. In the end, this is a good thing since your dog will be aware of the place he belongs to and will not question your authority. You’ll remain in the algae category, for sure.

If you would like your dog to sleep beside you, be sure to make an appointment with him, and he will come instead of jumping into the bed as soon as you can. This isn’t the best situation however it’s superior to the normal situation in which he jumps into bed the moment you are there. Again, this is done to ensure that he knows where he belongs and regards you as the alpha.


How do dogs decide which dog to sleep with and what makes him want to sleep with the exact same person? The answer is now clear. This article will explain why dogs are prone to this behavior and the impact it has on all breeds of dogs as well as all breeds of dogs and is applicable to any scenario.


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