Have you ever thought about how to prevent dogs from eating cat food? If your dog is fond of consume cat food, and does, then you’ll want to have a clear answer to the most frequently asked how to keep your dog from cat food. Remember that this is an important thing to be aware of if you have two cats or a dog at home.

It is likely that your pet will consume the cat’s food any occasion. This must be avoided.

Is Cat Food Is Unhealthy For Dogs?

Cat food has lots of protein and fats. It’s also sprinkled with fats, and other ingredients so that it’s more flavorful for dogs.

There’s no need to explain that cat food is entirely different from cat food. That’s why you should know the solution to how to keep your dog away from cat food? Cat food is harmful to pets, especially if the pet eats often. There are times when he will become sick and, in some cases, it could be fatal.

This is why you should ensure that your cat doesn’t consume cat food or stop him if already doing it.

How To Keep Dogs Out Of Cat Food. 6 Methods You Can Use

We’ve decided to present you with 6 methods that every cats and dogs owners should follow. They are easy and you should begin by using the first method. If you don’t succeed you can move on to the next and a more complex technique, and find one that works in your particular circumstance.

Keep The Food On The Kitchen Counter

This is the most basic and most simple method. It is possible to keep the cat’s food items on the counter in the kitchen or any other high-up area that your cat isn’t able to get it.

However cats can leap and eat whenever it is it is needed. It’s not possible for your cat to do that, and you can expect him to quit. Make sure that he doesn’t reach for the food using his legs and push food off of the countertop onto the ground.

You could also spray your pet with water each whenever the dog starts to move towards food. However, certain dogs prefer this method however, making it totally ineffective. Another trick that is a good idea even if you store your cat’s food on the surface.

Use The Cat Puzzle Option

They are basically bowls, or trays, that can be used to play games. According to the gal, cats will search for food. She’ll enjoy it and will eat more than she has ever before.

On the other hand it is that dogs aren’t able to get food out of the bowl, which means he will not be able to consume it. Keep in mind that some cats don’t appreciate this method and it is not recommended. However, certain dogs might discover a way to get around it or cut the puzzle, and then eat the food. If this happens once, proceed onto the next stage.

Dog-Proof Feeder

As you might imagine, this technique is very attractive and effective in the majority of cases. It’s designed so that cats can push their head forward and consume food. It can be used with both wet and dry food and is extremely efficient. But, if your dog is of the similar size to cats, the technique can’t be utilized. The dog will turn his head forward and take in all the food, which isn’t a good idea.

There are a variety of these feeders available on the market and a majority of them are effective. However, you must buy a quality device that is effective and secure.

Automatic Cat Feeder

It’s actually a variation of the earlier point but a bit more advanced. It is necessary to have an automatic cat feeder which will allow you to open the lid after it has detected an embedded microchip in your cat’s collar. It’s battery-powered, meaning there aren’t wires or any other similar devices.

The issue here is that a pet could be attracted by the lid open, chase the cat and eat the food. If this happens, the method is ineffective and must be avoided. If it is effective then there is no reason to consider a more sophisticated method.

Install A Pet Cage

This is among the two most modern and often the most efficient options on the list. The idea is to put the cage in a way that a pet can’t get to the cat’s food situated in the opposite direction.

Certain cages are equipped with small dogs, while some come with the right size pass to be used by your cat. The solution is highly efficient and is suitable for all cats and canines. Again, we could detect a problem if you have a small dog as an animal. The dog can eat and pass the food.

Luckily, this isn’t happening often and the majority of dogs aren’t interested in running around the cage and eating food constantly. They’ll stop trying after a while. The more intelligent dogs will attempt for a longer period of time.

Keep The Food In A Separate Room and Use A Door Strap

This is the most basic and most sophisticated method. The cat’s food is stored in a separate room as well as the doors will be secured using an opening strap for the door to a degree so that the cat can go through.

The dog will not be able to move, and he won’t be able access the food. You can get all sorts of door straps that are suitable for the purpose. You are able to install them in a matter of minutes however the process of installation could be a bit difficult in certain situations.

The first time you put in the door strap, be sure that you test it thoroughly and ensure your dog can’t get to the food. If it’s working, try it.


The information you have learned will help you understand the most effective methods and strategies to keep your pet from eating cat food. You ought to try each one of them. Remember that we started with a simple approach and then eventually moved to a more sophisticated one.

The issue is not generalized. Your cat and dog are unique, and it is possible that only one of these strategies can work. Test all of them to see which is most effective.


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