How can you get your dog to stop from licking my cats? When a cat and dog meet one at the same time it is possible that things will get slightly awkward beginning. In reality, the pets could become aggressive at any moment and a proper monitoring is vital.

But, puppies can be a good companion for a kitten if they are raised together, leading to a calm home. The dog usually licks across the face of the cat without hesitation. Before we get into the details concerning stopping a cat from licking the dog it is crucial to understand what exactly it means when the dog is licking a feline.

There are many theories among experts about the behavior of dogs with cats. The dog is known to lick cats across the face due to reasons like:

Understanding Canine Behavior

To tackle the problem of your dog touching your cat’s fur it is essential to be aware of the basic behaviour in dogs. The tongues of dogs are tools for many functions. From grooming to showing love, a dog’s chewing habits can fulfill a variety of purposes in their social interactions.

The wild dogs will lick each other to show their hierarchy. Dogs that are submissive typically lick dominant dogs to indicate their position within the hierarchy of pack. For domestic dogs, licking can be a sign of respect or respect for a individual or animal they view as superior leader.

Furthermore, licking can be a method of communication and social bonds for dogs. They love to lick each other or to attract attention and also because they think the smell or taste appealing. Dogs may are also known to lick humans or animals to calm themselves or if they are feeling anxious.

If a dog bites the cat, it could be trying to show its gratitude or to show its dominance. It could be because the dog finds the scent or taste of the cat attractive. It’s all part of a dog’s behavior range and is generally normal, unless it’s causing stress to the cat or causing an obsessional behavior from the dog.

Tips How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Licking My Cats

Positive Reinforcement

The majority of dogs will lick human beings or other animals in reaction for positively rewarded. For example, if an dog’s owner is praised by the dog or praises him, the dog might be more likely to lick him.

The same rules apply to cats too. If the feline friend reacts positively to a dog’s kissing and licking, it will repeat it many times over the next few days. The dog’s licking shows that they are affectionate towards cats.


The sense of smell is among the main reasons behind the popularity of dogs. The sense of smell they possess is superior when compared with the dog’s popularity. Its sense of smell higher in comparison to humans, and they are able to detect the scent at a distance. If the sniffer detects the scent that they are interested in and they want to savor the scent.

So, in this situation the puppy is bound to often lick the kitten and is accountable for the behavior of the puppy. Additionally, the puppy is able to touch anything that has the scent that of the cat.

Pack Behaviour

Wild, both dogs and cats are part of a pack and it’s evident that animals can maintain behavior in packs even after moving to domestication. Dogs typically lick to show respect for those they believe superior to, such as humans, animals, and dogs. Thus, licking a cat may be a sign that the dog believes that the cat is superior.

How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Licking My Cats
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As with cats, dogs groom themselves, in addition to the ones they keep from humans.Thus that if an animal licks the kitten, the pet considers the feline companion a member of the family.

However cats love grooming and typically return the favor by licking their feline companion back.

How To Prevent A Dog From Licking

There is an urgent necessity in order to keep cats from licking themselves, regardless of whether they are touching themselves or other cats and has turned into an embarrassing act. But it is essential to determine the real reason behind excessive licking.

If excessive licking has occurred initially occurring or has increased in intensity it could be a cause for the health problem. So, it’s an ideal idea to consult your vet immediately.


One of the main reasons for over-licking dogs is boredom. Dogs may have a tendency to lick when they’re scared or are not feeling loved. To prevent this from happening the dog’s owner must try the following few suggestions:


It is crucial to train your young puppy that it is only allowed to lick cat for a couple of times.This learning can be accomplished by disabling puppies from excessive licking by assigning them various tasks. Another method to train your puppy to ensure that it follows that “leave it” command. When your puppy starts to lick its lips, do some work on it.


It is also possible for boredom to cause puppies to lick more. They might be licking their pet they love during boredom, or might be drawn to other objects like toys, toys, etc. The pet’s owner should ensure that they have plenty of time for their puppy and extend the play time to relieve the boredom.

Sometimes, it is necessary to segregate the puppy from the kitten in order to prevent the puppy from touching the kitten. Separation should be maintained for at minimum seven days. But, you should try to keep them entertained while you are separating the children by supplying them with toys and other things to play with.

Licking can be a major issue that a person’s owner may not be aware of. The assistance of a vet can assist in identifying the problem and help treat it.

A toy filled with food or fresh dog bone can aid in helping the dog to stop chewing. This toy will assist in helping redirect the energy towards a new better, more appropriate behavior for example, chewing. These are the most commonly used methods for stopping puppy licking the cat.


In the end, understanding the behavioral specifics of your pet is vital to ensuring peace with your pet. While some dogs view that licking is a way to show affection or social interaction but it’s important to make sure it doesn’t cause annoyance or pose a threat for your pet. If your cat is always trying to lick your cat is essential to stop this behavior by training or distraction, or seek professional assistance. Be sure to ensure the safety and well-being of all your pets to ensure an atmosphere that is peaceful and harmonious.


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