Are you searching for breeds of dog that do not shed? The dog you have is among the best options you get to enjoy in life. It’s fun, enticing and puts smiles on your face each and every day. There aren’t any drawbacks to this other than one. There are certain dogs like to shed! However, there’s another side of the tale. Certain breeds don’t shed, or they shed a tiny amount. What breeds of dogs do not shed? You will now know.

Why Do Dogs Shed?

The first thing we have to find out is the reason why dogs shed. There are a variety of reasons. The most well-known is probably the most evident. Dogs shed their fur in spring and in the fall to prepare their fur to the outdoor temperature. What breeds of dog do not shed for this cause? The ones listed and those with a single-coated fur type are the solution.

The shed of dogs can be due to other causes like skin problems, stress or health issues as well as due to stress, however these aren’t as often. If your dog sheds fur often or notice other health or skin issues, see the vet.

Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Yes there are lots of breeds of dogs that don’t shed at all, or shed a tiny amount. Today, we will expose these breeds. If you’re looking to gain this advantage, some of them are right for you.

American Hairless Terrier

American Hairless Terrier dog breed don't shed
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They are the best solution. They don’t shed at all, period. You’ve probably already figured it out. The eyebrows and whiskers are the only kind of hair or fur that can be found in these breeds. The rest is hairless. These are dogs of a smaller size from the terrier family. They measure 16 inches tall and weigh is about 16lbs. It is recommended to bathe him every now and then, but that’s all. There’s no reason to groom your pet.

If you want to engage in physical exercise, you’ll need to take him for walks every all day long, but not too long. These dogs are loving smart and intelligent. They are wonderful pets. If the sun shines brightly during the summer months, you might consider applying sun cream to the skin of your dog. There isn’t any hair to protect your skin.

Chinese Crested

We could affirm that this breed does not have hair, however this isn’t the case. There is hair on the legs, the head and the tail. The body is not hairy and shed is therefore not an issue. The weight ranges between 9-12 pounds. The skin is very soft and smooth. This is why the odor of the skin isn’t an issue.

If you’re someone who is lazy If you are a lazy person, this is the perfect breed of dog for you. They need to be walked on a regular basis but it’s not anything of significant significance. This is due to the fact that Chinese breeds are lazy. However they love to please and love their families.

Peruvian Inca Orchid

Peruvian Inca Orchid is a rare breed of dog, so it will be a difficult to find one. They are, however, hairless dogs which is why they are perfect to be included on this list. The greatest thing about this breed is that they can be found in three different sizes. You can get one in small, medium or large dimensions. It may sound weird, but the fact is that it’s true.

They are dogs who require plenty of physical exercise. You should provide that for your dog, but not in the summer when sun’s shining. Since they don’t have hair, skin burns are the most frequent problem. A dog sun lotion is the most effective solution for this. Additionally they are incredibly loyal dogs that will always defend their owner.


Affenpinscher Dog Breeds That Don't Shed
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Affenpinscher dog breed could be one answer you’ve been looking for to this query. They shed very little and only during the spring and fall. Be aware that you must brush your dog regularly to prevent matting. But, they’re small dogs. They weigh in at around 10 pounds, so you won’t be able to brush them. Another fascinating characteristic is that they don’t possess an unpleasant odor, that is attractive as well.


Barbet is a dog with a long coat that is quite long. They are bred to catch ducks as well as other birds from the water therefore they like to jump in the water, and they are willing to do it. In France they are referred to as “mud dogs,” to give you an idea. There is no problem with sheds. They are almost not shed in any way.

They are great pets. You’ll get a smart pet who is loyal, loving and a good friend who enjoys spending moments with your. The only drawback is that they’re not common pets and finding one could be difficult, even if it’s not impossible. They require regular exercise but they are not exceptional or unique.

Afghan Hound

Are you confused now? If you have any knowledge about Afghan Hounds, it is that they are covered in an extremely long coat. They are therefore expected to shed constantly and in large quantities. Actually the shed is less frequent than other breeds of dogs. It is still necessary to wash them every day to avoid any issues, and you must bathe your dog two times each week. But, you can also possess a dog that has an extremely long coat which doesn’t shed. This is simply amazing and hard to convey to people.

If you are planning to have a pet from this breed, ensure that you have enough space. They require it and enjoy running. They are among the most agile dogs in the world therefore they desire and must run. Additionally, they require plenty in exercise regular basis.

Bichon Frise

Bichon frise, also known as the “frise,” is smaller dog. They’re smaller than one foot tall. They are a lot of fun to play with other dogs and children. They can be seen at parks all over the globe and you understand the reason. Their owners say that they are among the most joyful dogs with the most adorable personalities that you can adopt. An interesting fact is that they are able to stay inside an apartment over a lengthy duration of time and do not require any exercise whatsoever.

Shedding should be as minimal as it is. The practice of brushing must do every day. The reasons for this are the same for other dogs. Brushing and grooming ensures that your pet has the finest fur and also appears great.


The dogs are available in various dimensions and colours. There is a dog that fits your requirements perfectly. The key thing to remember is that they don’t shed and you can have a hair-free furniture and your home. They require regular grooming. Keep this in your mind. This could be complicated or costly, so you’ll need to adjust. It is not necessary to mention that these dogs are cute and look like nothing else. There’s even a dog which resembles a small Teddy bear, which is awe-inspiring.


Basenji Dog Breeds That Don't Shed
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Basenji dogs are canines. You might think they are noisy dogs that are prone to barking and howling. The majority of dogs in the same breed are known to bark and howl. But this breed is unique. For one, they are widely regarded as being among the most peaceful dogs in the world. They are a great pet for those who live in apartments as well as have neighbors that do not appreciate dogs.

These pets don’t shed much. They aren’t likely to shed even a bit because their fur is strong and short. It is possible to brush him once in a while and you’re done. Another benefit is they do not possess an unpleasant smell, which could be a compelling reason to get one.

Portuguese Water Dog

We know. The name is funny. They love water, and were developed to be able to live close to water bodies and rivers all over the world. The only thing we can say is that these dogs are adorable and most people who meet one will beg for to own one. Unfortunately, this breed isn’t widely available, and you’ll require some energy and time to get one. Be aware that these dogs are medium-sized.

The most important thing to remember is that they require lots of physical activity and you’ll have to figure out how to offer that. According to owners of one, if you’re not able to provide them with the space and time needed for them to run and play do not adopt one. The same is true for any breed of dog that is extremely active.

Brussels Griffon

Brussels the griffon is a play breed of dog, which means they are tiny. The fur is tough and appears to be a mix of the pug and Schnauzer. The good thing is that shedding isn’t an issue for people with a dog. They don’t shed, and by regular grooming, you’ll get a dog that appears like a unique pet. Remember that this isn’t an extremely common breed of dog therefore you might need some time to locate and adopt one.

A fascinating characteristic is the fact that their eyes appear like our eyes. Despite being tiny dogs, they’re smart and use their ability to act ‘big and powerful”. They have a character that is not in line with their size. Regular grooming and walks are what you’ll be required to offer to your dog with this breed.


The Havanese dog is not likely to shed. Your sole responsibility is to take him for a bath every now and then and groom the dog. They wear a coat that is quite long, therefore both of these actions are essential if you wish to maintain a tidy and beautiful pet. One of the benefits is that you’ll enjoy yourself when you do this with your pet. They enjoy spending time with their family members, other dogs as well as strangers. Some consider that Havanese dogs believe that all people they meet are their friends.

Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier dogs breed don't shed
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What dog breeds do not shed? One option could be Bedlington Terrier. Look at the photo of the dog. You’ll notice that he is sheep. Also, the fur doesn’t resemble that of other breeds. This is because they shed less and, in fact shed less than the majority of other breeds of dogs on this list.

The only thing you need to do is to wash him every once in a while. This is something you’ll be required to do to get rid of mats. As pets, they’re affectionate, loving children and have lots of energy. Dog breeds with plenty of energy require to utilize it. This basically means that you should let him run around through the streets, play and utilize the energy.

Coton de Tulear

The Coton de Tuear is a bit of a mystery you should learn as soon as it is possible. The first is that they sport a white coat which looks like a nightmare when the coat begins to shed. But, it’s not. Shedding isn’t a problem in this case. Another thing to note is that these dogs are extremely loved. It is necessary to groom the dog on a regular basis but nothing else or anything different.

We are awestruck by the fact that these dogs are very vocal and use their talents better than any other dog. If you’re interested then this breed could be the perfect choice. We also like that they are extremely easy to train and are very social. In essence they are wonderful pets, and you can even keep one in your apartment.

The Final Word

What breeds of dog do not shed? It’s clear that the list is quite long. In reality there are lots of breeds of dogs that do not shed, and as you could observe the length of the fur does not have anything to have to do with it. If it’s a problem for you and your family and one of these breeds could be the answer. If you’re trying to keep from regularly grooming your dog and taking dog hair off of furniture, then dog breeds which don’t shed are the solution.


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