Your dog is likely to spend a significant amount of time in the yard you need a place to live. Plastic houses are the best and most economical choice. But, how can you make a dog house more insulated and make it more comfortable and more attractive? There are several options for this. Some are simple and well-known. Others might sound odd.

Understanding Insulation

Insulation refers to the materials which are designed to limit the speed that heat is transferred. The primary purpose behind insulating your pet’s home with plastic is to keep the comfortable and constant temperature inside regardless of the temperature outside. When we speak of insulation, we’re primarily trying to keep heat in the winter and reflect heat in warmer months.

Insulate a dog’s home by installing a liner on the walls, floors and roof with a material that decreases the speed that heat escapes or enters the dwelling. The most effective insulation materials are fiberglass, styrofoam, or specially designed insulation panels. When choosing a material it is important to make sure the material is safe and safe for your pet.

The idea is identical to the way insulation works in a home for humans. In winter, insulation is a way to keep warm air created in your furnace from going out, while keeping your home warm. Contrastingly, during summer, it keeps the heat from escaping, ensuring that the inside remains cool.

If you understand the concept of the nature of insulation and how it operates by understanding how it works, you can make informed choices on how you can best protect your pet’s house to ensure their safety and comfort. Remember that a well-insulated dog house can improve your pet’s overall health and happiness.

How to Insulate A Plastic Dog House

1- Using Reflective Foil

The use of reflective foil could be the most straightforward solution to how to protect a dog’s house. The aim is to install it in the house so that the dog’s body is reflective and then returned towards the pet. In this way, the dog will be able to gain more heat in the home, and take pleasure in more.

There are numerous kinds and variations of reflective foils and all of them are an best option. Be sure to apply them to every surface and ensure there aren’t too many gaps. Another benefit to using a reflective foil is the fact that it can utilize it in conjunction alongside any other method listed that is listed.

2- With The Help of Bubble Wrap

One thing to bear in mind is that we’re talking about a specific bubble wrap that has been filled with aluminum. This isn’t the type of bubble wrap you’ll receive the packages you receive in. It’s made for insulation only. The process of installation is similar to reflective foil.

It’s easy and simple. Do not forget to also utilize it in conjunction in conjunction with other methods. Bubble wrap contains tiny air pockets which will protect the dog’s house and help make it more comfortable. Additionally, you can make use of ordinary bubble wrap to package your items, however it will not be as effective in in terms of insulation.

3- Foam Spray That Expands

It is a very inexpensive method but it is also time-consuming. The most important thing to do is to insert pieces of wood within the house, so that there is space between walls as well as the pieces.

Spray the foam and you’re finished. Yes, it can reduce the size of the home but not in huge amounts. Remember that you may apply the spray even if the building is already hollow.

4- Fiberglass Method

There is already fiberglass insulation in your attic. It’s pink and is extremely popular and cheap. The only thing you have to do is tape or glue it on the exterior of your home and you’re completed. Be aware that it should not touch your hair and skin that your dog has.

You should make sure you have another wall or fabric that ensure that this is not possible. You will also require protective gear throughout the process.

How to Insulate A Plastic Dog House

5- Water Insulation System

This does not mean that you have to build a house around the pool. Instead, you can put water bottles filled with water, around the home and ensure there aren’t any gaps or similar.

It is also possible to use warm water that is more efficient at insulating than you might think. If the worst happens the water could become frozen.

However, ice could be used to create insulation also. This is certainly the most bizarre and a bit skewed suggestion we’ve got in this article, however it is highly effective and attractive. Consider that it is absolutely free, and you will feel the attraction. You can indeed pair this method with other options of these.

There are a variety of approaches you can test in this scenario, and they all are likely to work.

6- Polystyrene Foam

This is referred to as Styrofoam and is utilized to make all sorts of insulations. It is found on coolers, coffee cups and many other things. It’s cheap, simple to use and very affordable.

The only disadvantage is its time span. Styrofoam isn’t long-lasting, therefore you’ll need either replace or care for it. It’s easy to install. It is necessary to glue it to the wall of your home and you’re done. Alternatives are staples or glue Styrofoam.

Select the option that is best suited to your needs.

7- Carpet Option

Carpets can be utilized in addition. This isn’t the most effective option however it is the most basic and effective options. Carpets should be placed on the floor of your home and, if you can, to the walls. Carpets made for outdoor use as they are more durable.

They’re not expensive, however you can get old ones for no cost. They can also help make your dog’s home look better if they are the original. The best method of installing carpets is to attach carpets to walls and flooring. Other methods are possible also, but they are more complex and costly.

8- Using Wood

Utilizing wood with tiny air pockets (soft wood) can be beneficial. It’s not the best choice for insulation in this instance. Wood isn’t known for its insulation properties. But, it is the simplest and most efficient method. The aim is clear.

Take measurements of the walls in the home and cut the piece of wood to be a perfect match. Apply glue or nails to attach it. There are a few additional things to remember. For starters, you could leave a tiny space in between your walls. This acts as an additional insulation.

An alternative is to apply an expanding spray within the gaps. This can make a huge difference and will give you the most effective result. It’s also reasonably priced.


What you can do to heat a pet’s home will depend on the budget you have and your abilities. Each of these strategies are widely used by pet owners who live in areas with cold temperatures. Try at least one, and ensure your dog is able to handle cold temperatures better.

In the end, it’s an alternative to not insulating your home that means only one thing. Your pet will get cold.


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