It’s common that a dog’s owner believes that any product safe for humans is also safe for dogs too. The tea tree oil can be used by humans. Are tea tree oils suitable for dogs? It’s a matter we’ll be revealing in the following paragraphs. Remember that a lot of products and ingredients appropriate for humans may be harmful to dogs as well as other pets. We’ll start by introducing the basics, then move on towards more complicated issues and the facts.

Tea Tree Oil: Basics

The oil of tea tree is extracted of Melaleuca alternifolia. It is a tiny tree that is found in Australia. Can tea tree oils be used on dogs since it’s all-natural? Do not worry We’ll come to this. In any case, the oil is made of leaves and is utilized in Aboriginal medicines for many centuries. It was common to make tea with the leaves or make the paste. The paste could be applied to the wounds.

In these instances we can conclude how tea tree oils are a healthy and attractive choice. It has a chemical called terpinen-4ol that is extremely efficient in eliminating bacteria, viruses, and bacteria. It is the reason it’s been employed throughout Australia to treat colds and flu among other ailments. It’s also successfully treated many skin problems as well.

The oil is discovered as essential oil in many forms. It is found in a variety of skincare products for human beings. You may be surprised to learn that it’s more widespread than you might think. It also implies that, in certain cases this oil may be in contact with dogs.

Is Tea Tree Oil Safe For Dogs?

Tea tree oil can be dangerous and poisonous for dogs. It should be avoided at all cost. This is more dangerous than you think. For example, just 7 drops of oil will cause serious poisoning to dogs. 10-20 ml of the oil could cause death to your pet. Be aware that we’re talking about 100% Pure tea tree oil that hasn’t been diluted through water or other media.

If you decide to use this oil to deter insects, or to treat skin problems, or to treat nail fungus, bear the following in mind: your pet should not come into contact with the oil of tea tree! It’s dangerous and could cause death even in small quantities.

The truth is that the majority of essential oils aren’t suitable to dogs. When applied topically or consumed, they can be extremely risky. It is just one of those alternatives that you must stay clear of. If applied to the skin, it is easily absorbed and could cause the issues mentioned. Applying the oil on your pet’s coat dog’s coat is also risky. The dog could apply the oil to his coat and it can enter the bloodstream and result in poisoning.

In case your animal has been poisoned by tea-tree oil you’ll see some signs.

The most popular are:

  • Liver failure
  • Death
  • Coma
  • Paralysis
  • Weakness
  • Hypothermia

As you can tell, all of these are serious and your pet needs immediate medical attention from a vet. The dog may vomit or use intravenous fluids and medication to identify the signs and prevent serious ones. The treatment you choose to give depends on the condition your dog is suffering from. More mild ones require less intensive treatment evidently.

If you’ve used tea tree oils on your pet’s hair, you must remove it as soon as possible. Water removal is suggested. It is an easy and effective method of decontamination to apply. If you have used or are using shampoos with tea tree oils (1-2 percent only) there is no need to be concerned about it. They aren’t harmful as the tea tree oil content in the product is not enough to cause any serious issues.

In terms of prognosis, there are two options. If your dog has mild symptoms like weakness and decontamination has began soon, the outlook is excellent. Your pet will be able to recover quickly and will not suffer permanent harms. If, however, your pet has consumed more tea tree oil and has more serious symptoms on the list the chances of recovery are not too good. This is why you need go to an animal veterinarian immediately to get the assistance your pet needs.

Are There Any Benefits?

Tea Tree Oil Safe For Dogs

Theoretically tea tree oil could be a great treatment for skin issues as well as bacterial problems in dogs.. But, it’s poisonous and therefore should not be employed. You can choose to use just a small amount. A product that contains 1percent Tea Tree Oil is suitable for dogs however, the quantity isn’t enough to reap any benefit.

Without an adequate phrase, there aren’t any tangible advantages your dog can enjoy so you’ll require to find an alternative approach. This is more dire if you are aware it is true that the oil tea tree hasn’t been thoroughly tested on dogs, and there aren’t any studies that show the positive benefits. Do not forget that the companies don’t have any laws they have to incorporate into their products. They don’t have to declare the exact percentage of oil they use, and there aren’t any additional rules. This means this risk dangerous and you should steer clear of these products. This is the best choice in this case.

Pet products which have oils from tea tree

It is likely that you know there are many products that have tea tree oil. For instance, shampoos may contain it. Certain products that help remove the ear wax and assist your pet maintain general ear health have it too. Others are designed to ease inflammation.

A majority of products include tea tree oils. If you’re using one make sure the concentration is less than 2percent. This indicates that the amount is too small to cause poisoning or serious issues. If you are using shampoos that contain this oil, be sure to wash it completely. A fascinating fact is that these shampoos are made to give you certain benefits, but they are not designed to eliminate oily odors or odors from the dog’s hair. They’re quite effective at doing this.

The only thing we can say can be said to say that tea tree oils are more widespread than you believe, so you should be aware of the products that are offered and utilized. In smaller amounts it is a viable option and is secure. When used in high doses it could be fatal, but you’ll get the concept.

Most of these products are advertised as natural or herbal. This is indeed the case. They include tea tree oils, which is made from natural substances. However, the fact that something is natural does not mean it’s secure. A majority of toxic substances originate in the form of natural substances. It is important to know the entire list of ingredients and then determine the amount or percentage of these ingredients included in the product.

Tea Tree Oil For Eliminating Fleas On Your Dog

There is a good chance that you have heard of people who use tea tree oil to treat or getting rid of fleas from their dogs. This doesn’t work. In the first place there are no real studies that indicate contrary. Also the oil does not kill adult fleas or eggs.

There’s no need making use of the oil of tea trees to remove the fleas that your dog has. It doesn’t work, and there are many more attractive, safer and more effective methods available. Choose the method that is suitable for you. Also, the treatments for topical use that your vet will suggest are the best choice and the safest. There’s nothing to worry about so your puppy will stay free from fleas for a long time.

What Vets Have To Say?

Veterinarians can only say one thing regarding Tea tree oils for pets. Do not use it. If you truly like the product, ensure you are using within 1-2 percent. If the concentration isn’t stated in the product’s label, you should avoid making use of the item. It typically indicates that the concentration is significantly more than it appears. It is advised to stay clear of making use of products containing tea tree oil in full.

There isn’t much to gain however there is always the possibility of being fatal. There are safer, better and more appealing alternatives to pick from. We can’t think there is any reason why the pet owner should apply tea tree oil to his pet. The risk is simply too high.

The Final Word

Does tea tree oil suitable for dogs? As you could observe, it is. It’s something you need to stay clear of and you must be aware of. There is a need to be aware that a number of important oils can be harmful for dogs, so keep an eye on the signs, effects and consequences and know the basics before using one. Your pet must remain healthy and avoid any ingredients or substances that could have a negative impact for his wellbeing.


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