Your dog’s obsession by pine cones? What is the reason he has to find them everywhere and eat every day? These are the questions that dog owners have frequently, particularly those who reside in a place in which pine cones are a common sight. There’s more than one answer and there’s more to consider beyond the simple question. Be aware that dogs should not consume pine cones. We’ll discuss the reasons in the future.

8 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Obsessed With Pine Cones

It’s not surprising that your pet is able to find and play with anything it is able to. Pine cones are a good selection. There are a lot of them and they are available in a variety of sizes and flavors. You will probably encounter your pet’s pine cone every day. Why is this the scenario?

Dogs Are Attracted By The Smell

Pine cones possess a distinctive scent due to pine sap. The scent is extremely distinctive and strong. Dogs have a very strong scent sense which is why they are able to easily detect the smell and locate the pine cone. They’ll start playing with the cone or chewing the cone immediately.

It Has A Strange Shape

A pine cone has the shape and texture of nothing other. It’s beautiful and unique and your dog enjoys it. This is why it will do whatever we’re seeking to stop. This isn’t something that he will discover often And many puppies are amazed by pine cones after seeing the first time they see them.

Pine Cones Are Great Snack

If we combine the shape, the scent and the texture, we’ll have a tasty snack. The majority of dogs will consume the pine cone after a certain time. This is where the issue could start. Dogs should not be allowed to eat pine cones. we’ll explain why this is crucial.

A Pine Cone Is A Great Toy

A pine cone can bounce, roll as well as play along with the dog. No, of course not. However, your pet may be enticed to play in a cone. In the end, it seems like a unique, exclusive toy. It’s another typical reason why dogs love pine cones.


The dogs of the past were required to eat fast to stay out of the way of predators and eating in a race with other animals for food. This habit could be embedded into your dog’s psyche even though they don’t are facing the same problems.


Some dogs may consume food quickly because of anxiety, stress or excitement at mealtimes. This could be due to environmental factors for example, loud sounds and a chaotic house or even the presence of animals or humans during meal time.


Dogs who are hungry can consume their food fast in particular in the event that they’ve been waiting for a long time between meals. Inconsistent food schedules or inadequate portions could contribute to a greater appetite and desire to take food.

Health Issues

In some instances, the fast eating can be a sign of some health problems that are underlying including malnutrition, worms, or metabolic issues. If you think that your dog’s fast eating could be a result of some health issue, you should consult your vet for advice and treatment that is appropriate.

Why Dogs Must Not Eat Pine Cones?

We’ve said a few occasions that dogs should not consume pine cones. Why is this important to be aware of? Pine cones are derived from pine trees and they are a source of seeds. They’re not dangerous, and haven’t been associated to any negative things. Actually there are some reasons to ensure that your dog doesn’t consume pine cones.

  1. The sap of pine trees could end up on pinecones. If the dog consumes the sap, he could suffer an allergic reaction that can be very severe.
  2. Pine cones may block the digestive tract in your pet. Surgery is the only way to remove the obstruction.
  3. If he consumes a lot in a short time, the person could be unable to eat and then start vomiting.
  4. Pesticides or fertilisers are present on a large number of pinecones and are harmful to your dog, too.
  5. The pine oil is found on the pinecones and may influence the dog’s stomach.
  6. Each pine cone has sharp edges as well as small sharp pieces around the cones. These can cause a significant negative impact upon the stomach, and the intestines of your pet.

As you can discern, these are important reasons that all dog owners should be aware of when their dog is fascinated by pine cones. It is more frequent than you realize and is an issue that is serious even though it appears like it’s harmless.

Potential Dangers and Risks in connection With Pine Cones

While your dog’s adoration for pine cones might seem innocent but there are dangers and risks to be aware of. It is essential that you are aware these dangers to take the appropriate precautions to ensure your dog’s security.

Choking Hazard

Tiny pieces of cones may break off when chewing, creating a choking danger if they are swallowed. Be sure to supervise your dog when playing with pine cones and take action if they begin chewing off pieces and swallowing them.

Intestinal Blockage

Ingestion of large pieces of pine cones can cause intestinal obstructions that could require surgery. Be vigilant about your dog’s behavior, and call your vet if they show symptoms of distress following the consumption of pine cone fragments.

Tooth Damage

The tough, woody texture of pine cones could cause dental fractures or gum damage. To reduce the chance of injury to your teeth, offer safe chew toys that are designed to your dog’s size and chewing power.

Pesticides and Chemicals

The pine cones you find outside could be contaminated by pesticides or other hazardous chemicals, which could be harmful if consumed. To minimize the chance, think about providing your pet with pine cones that come from a reputable supplier or choosing alternatives that resemble the scent and texture that pine cones emit.

Insect Infestation

Pine cones may harbor insects, including termites or ants, which might be a nuisance to your pet while playing. Make sure you inspect the pine cones thoroughly before you let your dog play with them. You should also think about buying store-bought pine cones instead.

Allergic Reactions

Certain dogs might experience an allergic reaction to the sap or natural oils that are found in pine cones, which can cause skin irritation or other signs. If your dog is showing symptoms for an allergic reaction like itching, redness or swelling, stop the consumption of pine cones and speak with your veterinarian for guidance.

My dog ate a Pine Cone How do I do?

The following section is simple. If your pet consumed many pine cones, you have to take action. The first situation happens when the puppy consumes many pine cones. It is recommended to take the puppy to the vet whenever you can. Even if there aren’t any signs, you should take him to see a vet.

If you own an older dog and do not know the number of pine cones he consumed and when, you should wait until the first signs. Usually, they will begin experiencing nausea and vomiting. A loss of appetite may be present too. These are the initial signs but they’re isn’t the sole one. Pine cones can trigger reactions to allergies among dogs too. If you observe difficulties walking or swelling, or excessive bites, take your dog to the vet right away. There is an allergy!

Remember that these signs are normal and generally. There are other symptoms that are not listed on the list, and therefore are not generalized. This is why it’s always a good idea to get him checked by a vet as soon as you can.

Train Your Dog Not To Eat or Play With Pine Cones

It is important to spend some time to ensure that your dog isn’t eating pine cones because of the training. It is important to do two tasks that you have to take care of. The first involves teaching him the ”drop it”‘ and “‘leave it commands. When he next takes a pinecone in his hand, make one of these command. He is required to obey in over 98% of instances.

The other option is bring toys with him next time you go strolling through the forest or in the park. A tennis ball can work well. Bring an inflatable ball too. It’s the goal to ensure your pet to have an activity to enjoy throughout the day, so it will be able to not think about the pinecones.

To achieve the best results, combine these two methods that we have presented here, and you’ll have the most effective solution.

The Final Word

This is the reason why your pet is so addicted to pine cones. They are among the most prevalent and are found in all breeds of dogs. It is essential to be aware that he should not eat pinecones, and it is imperative to stop the behavior immediately. Pinecones are extremely dangerous for dogs.


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