You’re one of the people who think the dog’s ears are distinctive and unique. If so, you’ve got a doubt in your head. What makes dog’s ears so gentle? This is a question that many people with pets and dogs have as they touch the soft, silky ears of their furry companions. From the ears that are floppy of the Basset Hound to the feathered ears of the Cocker Spaniel, dogs are famous for their soft, supple ears. Have you ever thought what the reason behind this?

The article below will explore the science behind your dog’s soft ears, discover the benefits of ears that are soft and discuss how important their softness is in the overall health of a dog. Learn more about the amazing realm of four-legged pets their ears.

Purpose Of Dog’s Ears

As you might have guessed, certain breeds have straight ears and others have floppy ears. Nearly every breed has a different size and type of ears. They are all performing the same function. The eardrums are designed to channel the sound to direct it toward the eardrum. There is no purpose for them other than that. Human ears serve the same function. However, the ears of dogs are different. What makes dog’s ears so soft? This is a distinct issue, and we’ll be able to address it later.

Cartilage and Fur Make Dogs’ Ears Soft

The human ear isn’t extremely soft and cannot be easily moved. However the dog’s ear is very soft and appears delicate. This can be due to two factors. The first is the absence of bones in the ear. There aren’t any bones in the ear instead, there is cartilage. It is flexible and soft kind of bone. It’s the reason you can easily move the ears or ear of your animal.

The third reason is due to the hair type that is specially designed to cover the ears. The hair that covers the ears isn’t too long nor too stiff. It’s not a lot of it. When all these factors are gathered together, we can find that dog’s ears are much more soft and are more delicate.

Did you learn the fact that puppies can be born hearing-loss? Within a week of their existence, they begin hearing. A majority, if certainly not all, dogs possess 18 muscles inside a single ear. These muscles rotate the ear and direct it toward the sound. The sound is directed towards the eardrum through an L-shaped, eardrum canal. It’s also deeper than that of humans. The eardrum itself is able to detect any frequency.

This is the reason why dogs can detect high and low frequency. Humans are able to hear sounds that range between 20 to 20000 Hz. Dogs can hear anything from 45000 and 67 Hz. That is to say the ears of dogs dog is much more sensitive than the human ears.

Functionality of Soft Ears

The soft ears aren’t just a beautiful characteristic of our furry companions they also serve a crucial purpose as well. The ears of dogs are more sensitive and advanced than our ears. They are able to pick up more frequencies. Their capacity to move the ears aids them determine the source of sound more precisely.

The soft, soft texture of the dog’s ear can contribute to their overall function in several ways. The first is that the soft, flexible ear lets them swivel to the direction of sound which acts as an antenna to capture and direct sounds to the ear canal. This allows dogs to find the source of sounds with amazing accuracy.

In addition, the soft, thin skin of the ear helps control body temperatures. Like humans, dogs aren’t able to sweat to cool themselves. They depend on panting and exhalation of warmth through specific areas of their bodies including the pads on their feet and the ear. The skin that is thin around the ear allows heat to escape more easily, which aids in thermoregulation.

Thirdly, the softness of ears in dogs could serve an evolutionary, protection reason for their. The ears that are pointed and sharp may be more prone to injury, whereas their ears with a soft, flexible structure may be less likely to suffer serious injury during fighting or rough play.

Don’t ignore the vital role soft ears serve in bonding and communicating. Dogs love having their ears brushed, and the gentle stroke can help strengthen the bond between dogs and its owner. Furthermore can dogs use their ears to convey a range of emotions, ranging from alertness to a sense of submission, which contributes to their subtle interactions with humans and other dogs.

As you will observe that your dog’s ears are not just cute things you want to pet. They have a myriad of functions which are essential to the dog’s health and exceptional sense of smell.

Scratch and Rub Ears Of Your Pet, They Love It!

Why Are Dog’s Ears So Soft
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If we’re discussing dog ears, then we should include rubbing and scratching the ears. Both of these questions is a positive one. First, dogs enjoy it when you rub them on the ear. It’s a good sensation for them and it can relax a dog. The majority of canines do this, and you can observe an experienced trainer rubbing behind their ears after exercising. This helps to strengthen the bond between them.

If you enjoy doing this ensure that you are soft and don’t use too much pressure. Be aware that dogs’ ears are very sensitive. Some dogs do not like this. This is the case with aggressive individuals or pets that have behavioral issues. They do not like it the idea of having a stranger scratch their ears.

If you want to rub your pet’s ears It is a good idea to do so. Dogs are all like this. again, we will be able to see some important points to keep in mind. You must be gentle and don’t put too much pressure on your feet. There are many nerves that are present in the feet of humans. If you rub your feet with someone else, you feel happier since endorphins are released. This hormone brings happiness and reduces depression.

The ears of dogs have lots of nerves too, so it’s the similar result. In fact, endorphins are released when you rub your ears with your pet. This could help enhance your relationship with your pet and make your bond more strong.

Why Soft Ears Matter: Health Aspects

Why Dog's Ears Are So Soft

Softness in your pet’s ears aren’t solely about comfort and enjoyment, it plays an important role in their overall health. A dog’s state of its ears can be a sign of overall health and well-being. The reason veterinarians regularly check the ears in routine examinations.

Healthy ears for dogs are usually soft, clean and free of any unpleasant smell. They should be a light pink inside, but the exact hue can differ in accordance with your breed and the dog’s individual. Skin should appear smooth and with no redness, bumps or indications of irritation.

However it is possible that changes in the texture or condition of dog’s ears could indicate of health issues that are underlying. For instance ears that are hot to the touch could be an indication of infections or fever. Also, dry, scaly or thickened skin around the ears could be a sign of an infection, allergies or other skin issues.

Ear infections are common among dogs, and are particularly common in those with floppy ears. If your dog’s ears appear overly hot or bloody, or smell sour or if you notice that your pet is constantly scratching at the ears or shaking their head, they could be suffering from an the ear is suffering from an infection. This needs immediate attention from a veterinarian.

Checking your dog’s ears regularly and observing changes in their condition could aid in identifying potential health issues before they become serious. By cleaning their ears and observing anything that might be changing, you will be able to make sure that your dog’s ears remain as healthy and soft as they ought to be. This will assist in ensuring the overall health of your dog and comfort, demonstrating that soft ears are so important.

Dogs Have Floppy Ears Due To Domestication Syndrome

In the past the dogs all had straight ears. They are still common. However, as time passes due to domestication syndrome the shape or structure of their ear has changed. The ears have lost a portion of their cartilage as well as the inner components which enable the dogs to maintain their ear straight. This is referred to as domestication syndrome and it is the reason why certain dogs have ears that are straight and others have ears that are loose. Naturally, this process was a long time in the making.

No matter what kind of ears your dog has no matter what kind, he’ll be able to be able to hear the same. Certain dog owners prefer straight ears while others prefer the floppy ears. They look much more cute. On the other hand we can see that a straight ear can make a dog appear more hostile and dangerous, likely because certain people may consider the ears to be wolves.

Breeds With Exceptionally Soft Ears

Although the ears of all dog breeds are comfortable to touch Some breeds are renowned for their incredibly soft ears. The breeds that are known for their soft ears usually have the genetic ability to grow more hair and have softer fur, especially on their ears. This contributes to the silky soft texture that we just love.

  1. Basset Hound They are known for having ears that are droopy and long, Basset Hounds have some of the most soft ears you can find in the world of dogs. It is due in part to the silky long hair that covers their ears and the aplenty of loose skin that gives them the appearance of a floppy.
  2. Cocker Spaniel: Cocker Spaniels have large, luxurious ears that are covered in soft fur that feels silky and soft to the contact. The ears of this breed require frequent grooming to keep their gorgeous appearance and to prevent matting.
  3. Papillon: Named in honor of the French word meaning “butterfly,” the ears of a Papillon have a softness that is stunning. The breed is large and erect with ears, which are heavily fringed with silky soft hair, creating a butterfly-like appearance.
  4. Afghan Hound The breed of dog is well-known for its silky, long coat and their ears aren’t an the only exception. Afghan Hounds have long, long ears, covered with hair that is soft and fine, akin to human hair.
  5. The Shih Tzu: The ears of the Shih Tzu are covered in long flowing hair that feels luxurious and smooth. Regular grooming is required to keep the hair on their ears from getting caught.
  6. The Bedlington Terrier Its distinctive, lamb-like look is characterized by soft, fluffy ears that feel like velvet when they are touched.

Control and Clean Ears Of Your Dog

You may have heard that all dog owners need to take care of their ears of their pet. First thing you should check the canal of the ear and clean it as required. In most cases, it will be required. This procedure is to eliminate all dirt or other substances which could lead to a problem. The ear canal in dogs is significantly smaller than that of humans. Therefore, it is more likely to develop an infection or another issue. Cleaning it can eliminate the possibility of it happening.

If you notice swelling, redness and irritation or an unpleasant smell emanating from the ear, go to a vet right away. This is most likely an infection. This is not something you can fix all on your own. Expert help is required.


The usual reason why dog’s ears so soft may seem simple and straightforward to answer. However, it’s far from it. We have discovered that the ears of dogs are complex and require particular attention. It is possible to say they are nature’s masterpieces and will help your pet understand incredible sounds and frequencies that humans cannot detect.


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