A lot of you have heard that chihuahuas are agressive breed of dog. What makes chihuahuas so threatening is a question that many of you want to learn. There are several reasons for as to why this is so. We will detail all of them below. We will also assist you by giving you useful advice that every owner of a chihuahua needs to understand and implement.

10 Most Common Reasons Why Chihuahuas Are Aggressive

Do you realize that Chihuahuas are more violent as Pit Bulls? In fact they are among the most threatening dogs around the globe. They’re small, but they be a real threat to anyone who walks by. What is it that makes chihuahuas so threatening? There are 7 reasons for this and we’re going to reveal each one of them.

1. They Protect Their Territory

The primary reason chihuahuas are so aggressive is due to territorial issues. They guard their territories all the time and it’s the most frequent scenario when they show indications of aggression. For example when they are resting in their preferred spot and you come close, the dog may turn aggressive. The same situation will occur for any territory they believe they own, so you must be cautious.

In this case it is important to take note of the warning indications. Chihuahuas are known to display their teeth, stop moving their tails, and maintain their body in a tense manner. It is common to observe that the dog is getting ready to strike and it is clear that he’s angered. A fascinating fact about this is that dogs will remain close to an object or the thing that they want to guard. It is possible to use this method to determine what the primary reason for aggression is.

2. A New Face

It’s a fact that dogs do not always enjoy seeing new faces observe. Some will display indications of aggression the moment they encounter another. Chihuahuas are known for this. They are able to accept new owners however you want however dogs older than one year of age will have a tough to do this. They can display aggression the moment they encounter another. This is a common reason, and is common to all chihuahuas and is regarded as being among the most prevalent.

To avoid this from becoming a regular problem, you’ll have take your pet for out for a walk, allow him to interact with dogs as well as other dogs and to do this frequently as you can. This way, your pet will become more comfortable and easier to new situations and people. He’ll be less aggressive than dogs that don’t get this chance.

3. Chihuahuas Are Extremely Dominant Dogs

Many of you already be aware that Chihuahuas are powerful with pride. They are aggressive the moment they encounter a person who is submissive. If you let them do whatever they want then they will turn aggressive.

The most effective approach is to assert yourself and show your dog who is the boss. This might sound like a lot of work, however it’s really a straightforward and easy method that can assist you in fighting the anxiety from your Chihuahua. It is effective and you will see the results in just a few days.

4. Your Dog Is Sick

Every dog doesn’t want to display symptoms of pain or discomfort whatsoever. Chihuahuas are active when they’re in discomfort. The most typical reasons for this are those who have bone problems due to swelling, obesity and other factors that could cause discomfort or pain of any nature.

If there aren’t any other reasons that are obvious as to that a dog might be aggressive, it is best to go to the vet to look for any issues of any nature. If you find a health-related problem, it is possible to begin treatment and get the answer within a matter of days. The causes and conditions such as these are much easier to treat if diagnosed earlier.

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5. A dog Was Abused

This is the case when you adopt the pet that had an abusive owner prior to. There is a chance that he will be abused constantly. In this way, he is more aggressive than other dog, simply because he’s trying to defend himself. He is terrified of all kinds of people, and is convinced that it is the most effective way to remain secure (he believes in that). It’s also possible dogs were abused in numerous ways. For instance, if a dog’s tail was caught on an animal door, putting in the same kind of door on your house could be a problem.

Always inquire with the previous owner, and look up every resource you can to gather a comprehensive picture of the former owner. Your dog has to have a good background and been a happy pet with the owner before him.

6. You Are Moving Chihuahua Too Much

Chihuahuas do not like being always moved. However, many owners of these dogs prefer to move frequently. They take them in the city, when they visit friends, and more. However, they aren’t a fan of it, and could become aggressive if they are exposed to a new location.

Chihuahuas want to be secure and to ensure that way, they have to stay in a single location. Crate training is the best solution and is a highly effective method. It is good to know that the pets are small and will require an incredibly small cage.

7. Due To Anxiety

All dogs are prone to anxiety and show symptoms as soon as it happens. There are many reasons anxiety can occur. In one instance, people may get anxious due to trauma. There are numerous examples and we are unable to list every one of them. If your pet sees something that is frightening to him, your pet is likely to be anxious and become hostile.

Chihuahuas are prone to becoming anxious due to noisy or separation anxiety. Noises that are loud due to TV, construction, music or any other thing can trigger anxiety. Separation anxiety can occur when you leave your pet for a long time or when he is separated from your. These are the more serious cases and you’ll need to respond in a manner that is appropriate.

8. Fear

Fear can be an effective motivator, particularly for small dogs like the Chihuahua. Imagine being a tiny animal in a world where everything is bigger than. It’s quite frightening and anxiety can quickly be a factor. If an Chihuahua is scared or feels threatened they may use aggression as a way to defend themselves.

Fear-related aggression can be provoked by a myriad of circumstances. Being around larger dogs, new individuals, or new surroundings could be a challenge for the Chihuahua. Even loud noises, such as fireworks or thunderstorms, can create fear and lead to aggression.

9. Lack of Socialization

Socialization is an essential aspect of the dog’s development and Chihuahuas aren’t any different. If you’re a Chihuahua isn’t exposed to a variety of surroundings, people, and other animals at an early age it could become a naive perception about the universe. Lack of exposure to the world can result in anxiety and anxiety about the unknown, which may manifest into aggression.

It’s crucial to get started engaging with your Chihuahua when it’s a puppy, but older dogs be benefited from socialization. Begin by introducing them to range of animals, people and even environments. This helps them realize that these phenomena are a common part of life, and are not something to be worried about.

It should take time to make socialization a slow, pleasant experience. Force-feeding your Chihuahua into situations they consider terrifying can result in the fear and aggression. Instead introduce new experiences slowly and offer rewards to your Chihuahua for calm behavior.

10. Pain or Discomfort

Insomnia or pain is a frequent cause of aggressive behavior in Chihuahuas. As with humans, dogs may be irritable or aggressive when they’re experiencing pain. If your normally gentle Chihuahua suddenly shows symptoms of aggression could be an indication that they’re hurting.

Dental issues are a typical cause of pain in Chihuahuas. The small breed is prone to dental ailments that could cause severe discomfort. Other health issues such as arthritis or internal illnesses can cause discomfort that can lead to aggression.

Things You Can Do To Decrease Aggression in Chihuahuas

Things You Can Do To Decrease Aggression in Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are vicious dogs. They tend to be aggressive all the time. There are plenty of options you can make to stop or reduce the likelihood of this happening. In this article, we will discuss how to use the most efficient techniques and the most attractive options you can apply for all Chihuahuas.

Play Outside as Much as You Can

Going outside with your pet as often as you can is among the best methods to keep your pet’s aggression under control. The only thing you need to do is bring your pet to a nearby park and, if it is possible, let your pet have fun with the other dog. However, you should be aware of certain indications that can be seen immediately. They could include the excessive barking, violent behavior stiffness, etc. If you observe any of these, cut the dogs immediately. These are all negative indicators and could make your pet more aggressive.

Another advantage of this is the fact that you pet won’t require lots of energy, and will be more peaceful in the home. He’ll be content and will not become as aggressive as he was before. This is a good thing and you can apply the same technique for all dogs.

Training is Mandatory

Chihuahuas must be taught as quickly as you are able. There are two ways to accomplish your goals. One is to help train your child. It will be a enjoyable experience, however it takes a lot of time, and there are a many things to be aware of. You must teach your dog to obey instructions like talk and quiet coming, sitting at, stay, and so on. In general, you need to reward your dog whenever your pet obeys. Another option is to engage an expert trainer. This is a preferred option for the majority of owners.

Regular Vet Controls and Checks

You must make sure you take your Chihuahua to a veterinarian regularly. He will test and assess the general health condition that your dog is in. If there are health concerns, he will recommend a treatment, and your pet will begin healing as soon as is feasible. When your pet is in good health then you can implement additional tips and be sure that you reduce aggression to the maximum extent you can.

Daycare Can Be Used

This is a major benefit for all chihuahuas. It is a good idea to have a daycare since your pet will learn how to interact with others, receive obedience training and also receive agility training. There are lots of aspects here that your pet will love. In essence each of these tips can reduce the amount of aggression your pet displays and will begin to behave better in the next few days.

The Final Word

Why are Chihuahuas so agressive? The reasons are well-known and you know how to deal with it. There are many ways to use to help you achieve your goals. What we can tell you is that Chihuahuas are agresive dogs a lot times, so you’ll need to get used to the behavior.


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