Have you ever wondered what makes dogs want to kiss your face? Many dog owners think their dogs are trying to demonstrate that they are sincerely in love with them. However, do you know whether your dog is showing affection or not? What could you do stop your dog’s tendency to lick in the event that he’s overdoing it? In this article we’ll try to solve these issues by looking at the reasons why dogs lick, and then provide ways that will stop the dog’s licking your. So, let’s get started.

Reasons Why Do Dogs Lick Your Face

Dogs are intelligent creatures and can sense the feelings of their owners. So, they’ll strive to make you feel happier when they see that you are upset or sad. Additionally, they are sensitive and will show their love by kissing your face therefore, you shouldn’t blame them! However, there are additional reasons that dogs kiss your face, and here are some of them:


Dogs are naturally social seeking interaction and affection with their human counterparts. If your dog is constantly licking your face is an indication that they’re looking for your attention. It could be a request to play, an appeal to indulge in some delicious treats or a plea to break their boredom. If your pet feels unattended or lonely Face licking can be an effective method of gaining your complete focus.

Showing Affection

Canine behavior is filled with physical gestures of affection and affection. If your dog is licking your face while they shower you with loving gestures and words it’s a response to the love they feel. They’ve figured out that licking is an action that is well-received and that they use it to be with you in the same way as humans who hug or hold hands.

Releasing Canine Emotions

Intelligent and emotional, dogs are very sensitive to their owners’ emotions. If you’re feeling down and sad, your dog can mirror your feelings and attempt to soothe you. Face licking is a method of showing empathy and trying to cheer you up. This isn’t simply a physical gesture It’s an emotional experience.

Nervous Behavior

For certain dogs, facial the licking behavior can be a sign of anxiety or nervousness. It’s a method of self-soothing and coping with the anxiety they feel. When your pet is constantly and constantly licking you this could be a method of expressing their fear and seeking peace and comfort from you.

Expressing Hunger

If your dog seems hungry, they may use face licking in order to tell you. They quickly figure out which actions attract their owner’s interest. For instance, if it’s lunchtime or they’re simply looking for food, a kiss of your cheek or bark could be their method to say, “Hey, I’m hungry!”.

How Can You Stop Your Dog From Licking You?

How can you stop your Dog from Licking you
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Genetic predispositions of different breeds and even individual temperaments affect the reason dogs have a tendency to lick. There are a variety of reasons dogs choose to be a biting at their owner’s face frequently. While some owners believe it’s normal because they’re very pleased when they see their owners, other owners think it’s due to the kind of food they feed their pets.

There are a variety of reasons your dog may lick you but it’s not always because they are in love with you. Examine the behaviors your pet’s behavior is when he is looking at you, and then the reason behind it. When you know why your pet is licking your face You can then take steps to stop this behaviour.

If your pet is licking your face because he is trying to be a comforter This is a good opportunity to tell him you that there’s other options to help you feel better and convince him to stop. Certain people enjoy how their doggies kiss them as they are seeking affection, whereas others may find this strange and offensive and want to end the practice.

If your dog starts to lick you in order to get focus, the ideal approach is to provide him with the attention he needs as quickly as possible, and then try to control the situation. Additionally, you may require some help to prevent the dog from repeatedly licking your face in the event of anxiety or nervousness. The best method for you to prevent your pet from licking your face is to teach it how and educating it to not be able to do that again.

Is Dog Face Licking a Health Risk?

There is a chance that you are worried about the dog’s licking of your face since you’re worried about illnesses that your dog could transfer to you. But, there’s only one type of disease that dogs could transmit through saliva, a condition known as brucellosis. This extremely rare disease does not cause any serious health issues but more of an inconvenience.

The illness is passed on by the licking which is why should your dog be licking your body frequently and often It is best to consult with your vet to determine whether he’s in need of shots. Additionally, there’s an extremely small chance that a dog can transmit rabies via licking since the majority of cases are spread through bites.

What If You’re Not a Fan of Dog Face Licking?

If you are not happy how your dog kisses you because his hair is across your face, you have a variety of methods to train your pet to stop doing it. The first step is to keep him from your face to ensure that he is unable to touch it. Then, you can use a few methods to get him to stop kissing you for as long as you can.

If, for instance, your dog loves to lick your face, because saliva helps you feel better, that can help calm him down you can try taking an empty bowl filled of cold water, barley or tea and place it close to the spot in which he typically licks you. After that, offer him a treat, and put it on his face instead of feeding direct to the pet. In this way, he’ll be taught that there are many methods to feel happy and at peace.

It is also important to be patient, as you might require some time before your dog stops repeatedly licking your face. Make sure to keep him in training every day, and ensure that the behavior doesn’t last indefinitely, or your dog may believe that it’s a good choice to make.

The last but not least the fact that some dogs kiss people as they are thrilled to be around them. It is also a method of showing how much they love you. If this is the situation with your furry companion, allow him to do it until he’s tired.

Final Thoughts

In the past, we’ve talked about the various reasons your dog will lick you. If they are licking you to make them feel more comfortable and they want to show their love to you unconditionally but that’s not the same story. If they do frequently lick, you must discover the root of the behavior and stop the behavior.


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